BestGamesArcade is an exciting gaming portal that offers tons of free games. BestGamesArcade does not require registration and never requires a credit card or any payment from its users.

Clear Behavior – BestGamesArcade makes the user experience clear and easy to understand:

BestGamesArcade offers free games in exchange for an agreement to install our software and receive advertising.
Advertising is served through in-text, pop-up/under, transitional, shopping and/or banner ads.
Ads served by BestGamesArcade will always show the BestGamesArcade brand and are clickable.
Browser tabs opened by the software will include an BestGamesArcade-branded bar.
BestGamesArcade software will not change browser settings or reset a browser’s homepage.
BestGamesArcade software is not Spyware or Malware and will not hurt any PC.
BestGamesArcade software does not collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) (unless you contact us here).
BestGamesArcade has an easy to find Privacy Policy, just Click Here.
BestGamesArcade has an easy to find Terms of Use, just Click Here.
Installation & Upfront Disclosure – BestGamesArcade clearly explains the install process and makes it simple and easy to follow:

BestGamesArcade has an easy to read install Primary Notice that requires no scrolling and includes full disclosure of ad serving.
BestGamesArcade install process is 100% opt-in.
All files in the software download include the BestGamesArcade branding.
The Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and this About Us Page provide clear notice of the software functionality and ad serving.
Simple Removal – BestGamesArcade makes the uninstall process clear and easy to understand:

BestGamesArcade software removal instructions can be found here.
All BestGamesArcade ads are branded and include direct links to the software removal process.
Users receive a confirmation page after every download, which includes removal instructions.
All BestGamesArcade files are removed upon uninstall.
No BestGamesArcade apps are installed or software is left behind when BestGamesArcade software is removed.
Contact BestGamesArcade:
If you have any questions or comments please visit our Contact Us page.